Black Velvet and Jeanna

North Carolina native Jeanna found the Red Chair on Model Mayhem and quickly made every convincing argument as to why she should become a part of it via some really hot photos taken by her hubby showing her frolicking with all kinds of attractive friends(lucky guy). A date was set and Jeanna found herself on a plane, but a delayed connection left her with only 24 hours to spend in LA. We went in search of a hot pair of heels which we hustled out of the Charles David store at a discount. In hard economic times, bargaining is king!

At the time, I was also enjoying the company of the stunning Cheryl, aka Black Velvet, who after participation to the chair, made no secrets of her fascination with all the beauties that came to bare it all. That day, she was told to show up at my door at 7pm, and with her eyes closed, I pulled her in to the arms of a naked Jeanna who proceeded to kiss her passionately, without a single word being spoken. When Cheryl opened her eyes, they were lit with a burning fire. The two explored each other for the first time in front of the camera, in a shoot that we never completed for, hum…all the right reasons! The next day Jeanna was back in Charlotte, with her head still in LA.



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