Venus de Mila

Today someone emailed me with a monster compliment on my photography regretting that he couldn’t afford to join. So I hooked him up. Why? Because when you do this you are 100 times more likely to get an email regarding some grievances than receiving props. One who should get monster props is newcomer Venus de Mila who is on a mission to leave her mark on the BDSM, Hardcore Fetish scene. This stunning mature vixen loves getting devoured by her young friends, like the exotic Arabelle Raphael, who also promised to make it to the Red Chair this year. She has also launched a brand new website, so be sure to check  her getting captured by other shooters. In her first Red Chair set, she’s getting down with Njoy‘s biggest piece of hardware AKA the “Perfect Eleven“, which if it doesn’t get you off, makes an excellent defensive weapon. And for those sneaky enough to zoom into this highly reflective object wondering why I’m wearing this model’s pink kimono…no comment. The more I meet NorCal models(Andrea MJM, Nyx Noire, Noelle, etc) the more I envy my super talented MM buddy Chi LaRue who is very fortunate to be able to work with a talent pool that doesn’t flake and doesn’t model under the pretense that they are god’s gift to all photographers, who they think of as ATM machines. Helping getting more NorCal models to the Red Chair. Hmmmm…..another excellent reason for you to join. No really.


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