Natalie Addams

Backing up 2TB of files can lead to unexpected discoveries. This is Natalie Addams in October 2006, in a never seen before set from her first Red Chair session and one of 7 shoots we did together  over the years(she was first on Cube too). Natalie went on to become a notorious fetish model, but to this day, her most explicit erotic shots remain those taken for the Red Chair. In this set in particular, those whose kink revolves around exquisite feet will go nuts over her long red painted toes. Ah the days of yore when the Red Chair was without throws of fluffy pillows. How did such a minimal concept stretch to what it is today? Surreal really. It got me thinking about Model Mayhem back in those days, before it reached its current half a million users, when a few models like Natalie could distinguish themselves above the fray and build a solid following, before dozens of  wannabes would model themselves after them, copy their look, find photogs to reproduce their photos and prompt the death of any originality on MM. Rediscover an original. Natalie is as beautiful as she is unique, inside out. And I KNOW everyone is watching the World Cup right now, so if you were able to peel yourself off your TV set and stumbled upon this post, please remember to…..



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