Lucy Von Trapp

For all of you who were awaiting Lucy von Trapp’s set, the wait is over! (and, yeah, hum…sorry) Lucy was here for 2 days during which I hooked her up with the esteemed Ken Marcus for a Taboo Magazine shoot. I’m really loving the Red Chair this year, because even though many of us are  in survival mode, INKredible beauties like her manage to come here, determined to misbehave and making tough times sexy and fun. And while the occasional prude still hits me up on MM to do something that doesn’t involve her vag, such encounters and the photos they produce make it easy to explain why debauchery can sometimes make for great art. But enough rambling. I love Lucy, and so will you, not just because she’s the most badass, fearless Texan babe you’ve ever seen,  playing with anything that clamps, vibrates, penetrates and brings her to multiple orgasm, but also because when she felt compelled to demonstrate how agile she can be with her feet, her solo affair turned into a POV shoot…again.  Hey, we know what you like. You know what we’d like? More members so we can bring you more kick ass sets like this one. If you’ve come to this blog and read this far, you might as well…



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