Sparrow Spade 1

It was a week of flooding rain. Models were left stranded on highways, drowning in suburbs, and the world’s sin was washed away. One who weathered the storm is our very own Santa Sparrow Spade, who was struck down by the flu 2 hours into her shoot, and not easily deterred, came back 4 days later for a do-over. Sparrow and became mutually infatuated through the usual channels, namely FetLife and Model Mayhem, and meeting her in person was a bit of a shock: she was much taller than her pictures would have you believe, and a boisterous attitude makes her one of the guys, until she puts heels on. Then her exotic gene pool (a mix of Filipino, Spanish, Scottish and French) takes over. There’s a little Lisa Ann and Katie Mixon in her looks, but after upholding her bragging rights as an oral queen without a gag reflex, skills she learned from watching Jenna Jameson movies, It’s the name Sparrow Spade you’ll remember. Oh yeah and first model to be shot in the Red Chair in a turtle neck sweater, which I thought was too sexy to pass on. You models out there…don’t get any ideas. The clothes ALWAYS come off!  This is part 1 of an epic 400+ pictures shoot. Enjoy.



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