Couple of things we need to let you know right away. First, there won’t be “coming soon” posts made anymore, because surprise updates are more fun, and many would-be members are biding their time to “maximize” the amount of content they ‘ll have access to. Dude, Really?

Second, Models are on the move again, and with the Red Chair gaining in notoriety, many are making it their erotic destination, bringing shoot frequency back to levels not seen since 2008. 4 and counting this month alone.Which means that it is imperative to get your support ASAP. And now on to the good stuff:

Introducing the lovely, wonderful, sexy, insanely smart, as in entered college at age 16 smart, Odette. I could tell you many many things about this petite kick ass vixen, but  what really matters is that she is in make up right now for her second shoot in 2 weeks, that she brought her Python snake Azuka with her, and that she is currently looking for a female photo lover for her 3rd shoot in March. Safe to say, you are going to see a lot of her this year. Lastly, Let’s give her the last word on her first Red Chair experience:

“My, my, my…this little deviant is now part of the Red Chair family!

There is a mysteriously carnal place on a quiet street in West Hollywood.  There is a place where a voluptuously scarlet piece of furniture draws you into a sensual, libido-driven dimension.  There is a place where the only modus operandi is pure, erotic exhibitionism.

But wait. I can sense that there are skeptics among us, and to you individuals I say: The Red Chair environment may sound like a bunch of sensationalist mumbo-jumbo to those of you who have never graced the furniture with your presence.  Let me assure you, the Red Chair has certainly earned every word I write here.

It is as if the chair is a living entity, pulsating a sexual energy that is contagious.  However, this disease is one that, deep down, everyone should be infected with–if only for the duration of this rendezvous.  Once  on the chair, uninhibited, I was able to connect with my body, mind, soul, and to feel this energy channeling between each erotic zone.  How can I even sum it up? It was a mind-blowingly hot shoot. It was pleasure. It was misbehavior. It was THE RED CHAIR.”



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