Divinora Darling

August 3rd 2006. That’s when Divinora and I had our first conversation on MM and it went something like this:

Divinora: “can you send me details on this project?I know you’ll probably laugh at this one, haha, but no nudes on my end,Love D”

Me: “Nudity isn’t a requirement in the Red Chair. It’s just something that kinda happens… A sexy attitude and a lot of sensuality is all that is required. If you can make that happen with less than a yard of fabric, consider participating?”

Well…..safe to say, a lot has happened in 5 years for both of us. Divinora has rocked her curves on sites like Playboy TV, Danni and Twistys, and a million other niche projects. And for those 5 years, I admired a dark maned pale gothic beauty. The person who finally walked through my front door was more of the quintessential blonde, golden tanned California Girl. I feel like I completly missed an era, but there’s no time like the right time and now that we have finally connected, we are ready to make the most of it, already planning our next shoot. Meanwhile, please enjoy Divinora’s Red Chair debut.



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